1. Do you provide a sound system?
We own our own state-of-the art audio and musical equipment. If required we will package it at the best price in the market.


2. Am I to expect any additional costs once I sign with you?
Absolutely not. We take all our sundry expenses into account when we send you a quote.


3. Is there flexibility to the services you provide?
Absolutely. Many of our competitors come and do purely what they are contracted to do. We are a business and our goal is to keep your business. We are fully flexible with your reasonable requests and adjustments.


4. Do you produce theme nights?
We love themes and have the resources and experience to really help you produce the most unique of evenings. Just some of the themes we have produced over the years include: The Blues Brothers, The Rat Pack, 60s nights, 70s nights, 80s night, black & white balls, glam balls, Gatsby galas. We'll dress to your theme and even help you decide on unusual themes if necessary - we've seen it all! Have a look at our amazing corporate Rockeoke product too.


5. Will you learn special songs for my wedding or my favourite song for my D&D?
Of course, we probably know and love your favourite song! If we don’t, we’ll learn reasonable requests.


6. Can I, my staff member, my CEO, my dad join you for a song?
Sure, come and join us! Fun for all is our goal for the evening.


7. Do you consult on entertainment, themes and other non-musical areas of event management?
10.seconds is just one of the ensembles offered by entertainment company Band on the Run Pte Ltd. In our years of peerless client servicing we have seen it all and can therefore pursue the amazing and mitigate the pitfalls.


8. I've got a million things to do for this event, can I tell you what I want and you'll take the worry off my mind?
This is our brand promise - we'll even try to help you solve your other worries too, whether that be hiring the right MC, advise on venues or catering choices.


9. Can you package a deal for me? I want jazz for cocktails, easy listening over dinner and an 80s dance-floor party after 10pm.
Because 10.seconds is just one of the ensembles offered by our entertainment company Band on the Run Pte Ltd, we can discuss and put together a cutomised live entertainment package perfectly suited to your event. You want 40 minutes of jazz during cocktails, a funky entry piece and then a couple of sets of pop for the party – you’ve got it!


10. How can I see you?
We will do anything to get you to meet and hear us, because once you do, we know you’ll love what you see. Usually we meet with clients over lunch, dinner, drinks or coffee, but if you would also like to hear us in full flight just give Kalli or Simon a call and we’ll make something work!


11. Why do you not have rack rates?
Basically because we do not want to treat you like you are in a shop buying a pair of shoes! We have never performed two like events and that is why our pricing is fantastically competitive and precisely tailored to your needs. Whatever the final quote, value for money will be second to none.


12. Do you travel?
We love travelling! Our musicians and ensembles have played in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Spain, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and of course just about every great venue in our own Island Republic of Singapore.


13. Do you offer Chinese language or bilingual options?
Absolutely. Band on the Run has accomplished musicians and ensembles including everything from Chinese classic hits to traditional Chinese instrumentalists.


14. What are some of your other options through your business Band on the Run Pte Ltd?

Band on the Run Pte Ltd offers myriad standalone, customised live entertainment options, or options that will work in conjunction with 10.seconds. We offer DJs, MCs, technical and consultant services, our amazing rockeoke product, and we have entered into partnership with an incredible, worldwide “teambuilding through music” business that is invigorating and taking the staid corporate conference sector by storm.


15. Will you entertain contra arrangements, partnerships, and charity?

Charity has always been dear to our heart and we will always offer excellent pricing for good causes run by reputable and transparent charities. Where the business case represents marketing and brand enhancement value for Band on the Run Pte Ltd or its products, such as 10.seconds, we are more than happy to consider part cash/part contra arrangements, event partnership and sponsorship in consideration for fee reduction.



So speak to us – you’ll be amazed by what we’ve done, what we do and what we can offer.

Simon +65 9839 0881 or Kalli +65 9784 9515

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